24/7 condition monitoring for mission critical infrastructure enables increased power reliability and uptime

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IIoT is irreversibly changing the way equipment is operated and maintained. It connects the internet to electrical/mechanical infrastructure and process machinery to enable condition monitoring data to be acquired.

Its more important now than ever to be focusing attention on the benefits of continuous monitoring as opposed to inspection, and accepting that this change to digitized maintenance is inevitable.

24x7 Condition Monitoring will predict approximately 70% more failures in advance than periodic thermal inspections

Industrial equipment can last for more than 50 years with regular maintenance, it costs so much that it is seldom economical to replace before its useful life has ended.

McKinsey, What Electrification Can Do For Industry

The benefits of condition monitoring include:
  • Prevent unexpected power outages
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7
  • Identify faults in advance of failure
  • Maximize uptime and reliability
  • Digitally transform electrical infrastructure
  • And build resilience into your facility

Most mission critical facilities are already adopting a digitization strategy; as a result, there is a considerable risk that organizations that do not include the installation of condition monitoring sensors, will automatically build in obsolescence to each piece of equipment built without them.

Condition monitoring to help maximize productivity

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