Minimize the risk of electrical failures to ensure pumps flow and facilities stay operational 24/7

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Unexpected failures in power distribution disrupt the ability to keep water flowing. Maintaining the electrical assets that power water treatment processes are key to ensuring better facility uptime and operational efficiency.

Power to water pumps is managed by motor control centers (MCC), which are essential to ensuring facility uptime. By monitoring MCC’s 24/7, engineers can detect electrical equipment faults in advance of a failure.

Water treatment plants must adopt new approaches and more advanced maintenance technology to cope with aging infrastructure

United States water treatment infrastructure found to be in poor condition, mostly below standard and of serious concern with a strong risk of failure.

ASCE, 2021 Report Card

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The benefits of condition monitoring include:
  • Prevent unexpected motor/pump outages
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7
  • Identify electrical faults in advance of failure
  • Maximize uptime and reliability
  • Digitally transform electrical infrastructure
  • And build resilience into your facility

The challenge for water and wastewater engineering teams is to ensure facility uptime and reduce maintenance costs. Condition monitoring sensors can help improve electrical plant reliability and extend asset lifetime.

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