Continuous Thermal Monitoring solutions for industry stakeholders

Thermal sensor technology helps electrical engineers, asset managers, and project teams build a more accurate picture of the condition of critical electrical infrastructure.

Thermal monitoring detects the symptoms of potentially costly and dangerous electrical faults in advance of failures and power outages. Sensors installed within the most important electrical assets will alert you to changes in status—changes that might otherwise result in production downtime, asset damage, or injuries to personnel.

Key stakeholders that benefit from CTM

Explore our expertise vertical sections below to discover how thermal monitoring sensors can detect potentially costly or damaging faults in your assets before they create unnecessary downtime, and place personnel in places of high risk.



Increase personnel safety by reducing interaction with potential hazards


Improve performance by intercepting unplanned electrical outages
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Get the asset data you need to better, more informed decisions
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Maximize return on investment by future-proofing electrical assets

Find out how condition monitoring for critical electrical infrastructure reduces power outages, improves uptime, and improves cost efficiencies.

Read the Guide to Condition Monitoring

Here we outline how thermal monitoring technology can benefit your department

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Predict Faults

Detect electrical failures in advance of power outages

Maximize Uptime

Increase reliability of critical electrical infrastructure

Improve Safety

Ensure a higher level of safety for electrical personnel

Optimize Maintenance

Reduce OPEX with 24/7 condition monitoring

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Digitize Assets

Utilise IIoT data to digitally transform your operation

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Lower costs and reduce risk

ensures asset health over a lifetime enabling

CTM solutions:

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Helping industries maintain productivity

We also work with a wide range of other industry sectors such as mining, and manufacturing, where we provide valuable condition monitoring technology that helps to identify failures in advance and maintain productivity.