Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - For Finance

For Finance

Protecting assets across a business is an essential consideration, not just for the return on investment of your infrastructure, but to optimize the smooth running of the operation.

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - Protect Investmenty

Protect Investment

Implementing the technology to provide stakeholders with an early warning of an impending fault effectively gives users a level of insurance against asset failure.

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - Prevent Faults

Prevent Faults

Simple-to-install thermal sensors provide maintenance-free protection for electrical infrastructure investments over decades of operation. 


Install the most cost-effective sensor technology to protect your critical assets

Group 1997-1

Typical cost model example for data centers: electrical infrastructure in new developments accounts for around 40-45% of the initial capital outlay.

Group 1991-1

Extend the life of the equipment: contribute to CapEx and OpEx costs by tracking electrical asset health continuously and across the entire lifespan.

Group 2325-1

Lower costs and reduce risk: continuous thermal monitoring ensures asset health over a lifetime enabling more cost-effective maintenance cycles.

Group 2321

Protect investment: the cost of electrical equipment means protecting that investment in power-intensive environments is more important than ever.

Maximize performance and ROI

  • Reduce Unplanned Downtime
  • Increase Asset Lifespan
  • Lower Repair Costs
Maximize performance and ROI - Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Preventative maintenance can help to identify and fix potential problems before they cause an unplanned breakdown. This can save money on lost production and the cost of emergency repairs.

Maximize performance and ROI - Increase Asset Lifespan

Increase Asset Lifespan

Thermal monitoring can help to extend the lifespan of assets by keeping them in good working order. This can save money on the cost of replacing assets prematurely.

Maximize performance and ROI - Lower Repair Costs

Lower Repair Costs

Continuous monitoring can help to catch and fix small problems before they become major repairs. This can save money on the cost of parts and labor for repairs.

CTM solutions:

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