Thermal monitoring solutions for industries

Thermal monitoring solutions for industries play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of industrial processes and equipment.

These solutions utilize thermal sensor technology, which can be permanently installed into electrical assets. Thermal sensors are beneficial to multiple industry personnel, enabling them to detect and analyze real-time temperature variations in machinery, electrical systems, and other critical electrical assets.

Thermal sensor technology offers real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities, allowing operators to continuously monitor temperature trends and identify abnormal patterns or hotspots.

By monitoring temperature changes, continuous thermal monitoring solutions can identify potential issues such as overheating, insulation degradation, and equipment malfunction before they escalate into costly failures, unplanned downtime, and safety hazards.

Key industries we work with

Explore our industry vertical sections below to discover how thermal monitoring sensors can detect potentially costly or damaging faults in your assets before they create unnecessary downtime, and place personnel in places of high risk.

Data centre (1)

Data Centers

Unlock the power to achieve 99.999% facility uptime
Oil & Gas (1)

Oil and Gas

Minimize the risk of electrical failures and downtime
Heavy Industry (1)

Heavy Industry

Discover the power to keep pumps flowing 24/7
Logistics (1)


Reduce the risk of stock loss due to electrical failures
Critical Infrastructure (1)

Critical Infrastructure

Ensure your facility stays operational 24/7
Retail (1)


Minimize electrical failures to improve facility uptime

Find out how condition monitoring for critical electrical infrastructure reduces power outages, improves uptime, and improves cost efficiencies.

Read the Guide to Condition Monitoring

Here we outline how thermal monitoring technology can be applied in some of the key sectors we operate across

Group 144
Predict Faults

Detect electrical failures in advance of power outages

Maximize Uptime

Increase reliability of critical electrical infrastructure

Improve Safety

Ensure a higher level of safety for electrical personnel

Optimize Maintenance

Reduce OPEX with 24/7 condition monitoring

Group 173
Digitize Assets

Utilise IIoT data to digitally transform your operation

Group 174-1
Increase Resilience

Build a more powerful competitive edge into assets

Solutions - Helping industries maintain productivity (1)

Helping industries maintain productivity

We also work with a wide range of other industry sectors such as mining, and manufacturing, where we provide valuable condition monitoring technology that helps to identify failures in advance and maintain productivity.