Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - For Engineers

For Engineers

Electrical engineers must maintain asset health for organizations, including data centers, oil and gas facilities, or manufacturing plant.

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - Increase safety

Increase Safety

Creating a safe environment is essential for engineers and their teams, plus any personnel working with assets connected to an electrical power supply.


Identify Faults

Excess heat can become a safety hazard, but thermal condition monitoring can help to identify and prevent potential risks in advance.


Benefits of Continuous Thermal Monitoring (CTM) for Electrical Engineers

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How Electrical Engineers Benefit From Thermal Condition Monitoring

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Improve safety: advance warning of compromised electrical assets prior to personnel intervention.

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Prevent equipment failure: temperature monitoring identifies areas where failures are likely to occur.

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Improve efficiency: get essential data and track trends over time to deliver efficiency improvements.

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Extend the life of the equipment: contribute to CapEx and OpEx costs by tracking asset health.

Increase Personnel Safety And Improve Power Efficiency

  • Advance Warning Of Faults
  • Identify At-Risk Assets
  • Improve Asset Lifespan
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Advance Warning Of Faults

Thermal monitoring gives electrical engineers and their team's an extra level of safety when working on-site with advance warning of electrical faults. 


Identify At-Risk Assets

Thermal monitoring provides real-time and accurate alerts which reduce the risk of teams interacting with faulty or dangerous electrical equipment.


Improve Asset Lifespan

By detecting overheating and other heat-related problems at an early stage, electrical engineers can play a role in extending the life of equipment.

CTM solutions:

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