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Build a more resilient electrical infrastructure for retail refrigeration

With refrigeration so vital in the food service business, electrical connections must be inspected regularly as part of refrigeration maintenance programs to prevent operational meltdowns due to power loss.

The threat of lost stock due to refrigeration downtime means organizations need to be looking to solutions that digitize electrical asset maintenance and minimize the risk of electrical failure. Continuous monitoring for critical electrical assets is the key to ensuring operational uptime.

Digitizing the maintenance of electrical infrastructure with 24/7 condition monitoring significantly reduces the risk of power failure and costly downtime

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The benefits of condition monitoring include:

  • Continuous monitoring 24/7
  • Identify electrical faults in advance of failure
  • Maximize uptime and reliability
  • Digitally transform electrical infrastructure
  • Build resilience into your facility
  • Ensure customer service is maintained
  • Reduce food waste resulting from power failure
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The total cost of an unplanned refrigeration outage can easily be fives times greater than the direct maintenance costs.

Axiom Cloud, 2021

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