How CTM Technology Powers Industries: Understanding the Technical Landscape

Learn how continuous thermal monitoring helps improve power distribution for global businesses

June 26, 2024

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Discover how continuous thermal monitoring helps data centers optimize performance

Power availability is a fundamental requirement for data centers to achieve performance objectives. The continuous supply of clean electricity is essential, which makes power outages a constant and critical threat. Condition monitoring sensors are the key to obtaining the data that is fundamental to digitizing your electrical maintenance.

Continuous Thermal Monitoring (CTM) sensors can be installed in electrical components such as Bus Ducts, LV/MV switchgear, MCCs, UPS, PDUs, and dry transformers. Permanently installed sensors monitor asset temperature changes and provide an early warning to alert personnel when and where a potential electrical failure may occur.

CTM also enables data center professionals to extract valuable data to help digitize electrical asset maintenance, identify potential faults, and optimize facility performance.


Benefits of condition monitoring:

  • Monitor critical assets 24x7
  • Prevent unexpected power outages
  • Identify faults in advance of failure
  • Maximize operational uptime
  • Digitally transform electrical infrastructure
  • Build resilience into data center facilities
  • Improve productivity
Thermal Sensors Help Prevent Power Outages For Global Tech Giant 2

Thermal sensors help prevent power outages for global tech giant

Solutions - Data Centers - In over 25 years of data collection (1)

In over 25 years of data collection, electrical failures accounted for 80% of all IT load losses in data centers.

- Uptime Institute, Annual Outage Analysis 2021

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