Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - For Transformation

For Transformation

Industries are transforming through the use of digitalization via IIoT, data, net zero energy generation, and mass electrification. 

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - Utilize data

Utilize Data

Transformation is increasing the demand for resilient energy provision. Companies must secure power topologies through continuous thermal monitoring or risk losing the benefits of transformation. 

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - Deliver insights

Deliver Insights

Continuous thermal monitoring delivers insights to improve performance, enhance reliability; and increase efficiencies through data acquisition.


Accurate thermal monitoring data is key to meeting transformation success criteria

Group 1989-1

Digital transformation touches every part of the power value chain: transformational change in electrical infrastructure has risen on the agenda in every sector. 

Group 1987-1

To keep pace with infrastructure, Building Energy Management (BEM), Building Management Systems (BMS), and Data Center infrastructure Management (DCIM) platforms are changing how equipment is managed.

Group 2352

Continuous thermal monitoring systems are a key tool providing a 24x7 real-time stream of temperature data helping personnel keep a close watch on asset temperature conditions.  

Group 2322

Condition monitoring will transform the future's smart factories, data centers, heavy industries, critical infrastructure and facilities by providing essential asset trends and analysis for continuous improvement.

Improve Asset Health With Trend Analysis

  • The Power Of Data
  • Utilize Trend Analysis
  • Reduce Power Outages
Improve Asset Health With Trend Analysis - The Power Of Data

The Power Of Data

Whether inside a facility, across a campus, or reaching across an entire power distribution system, performance metrics and thermal condition status data are foundational to transformation project success.

Improve Asset Health With Trend Analysis - Utilize Trend Analysis

Utilize Trend Analysis

Temperature condition data reduces the risk of unplanned electrical power outages by giving users trends for analysis to inform operational and engineering personnel about the likelihood of a failure.

Improve Asset Health With Trend Analysis - Reduce Power Outages

Reduce Power Outages

Realize transformation's full value to reduce downtime via power ecosystem diagnosis, infrastructure monitoring, and data-driven decision-making.

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