Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - For Operations

For Operations

Building operations management is a rapidly developing discipline where building in asset resilience is key.

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - Asset Awareness

Asset Awareness

Most maintenance approaches make risks and outages in electrical delivery systems difficult to track. Continuous thermal monitoring enables real-time awareness of asset health.

Continuous Thermal Monitoring - Thermal Monitoring

Thermal Monitoring

The benefits of 24x7 continuous thermal monitoring systems enable better equipment operation and more efficient maintenance cycles.


Boost Operational Performance with Continuous Thermal Monitoring

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Streamline Operations Through Analysis Of Continuous Monitoring Data

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Identify problems quickly: to ensure power systems remain available, reducing outages and making avoidable downtime far less likely.

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The benefits of continuous thermal condition monitoring include predictive pre-failure maintenance, analytics of temperature condition changes, and disaster avoidance.  

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Track use: BMSs and similar systems monitor and manage power usage, a sensor solution that can tap into that offers huge advantages.

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Manage new complexities arising from positive energy-saving changes in power consumption and provision.

More efficient and streamlined operations

  • Operational Health Check
  • Early Warning for Personnel
  • Streamline Operations
More efficient and streamlined operations - Operational Health Check

Operational Health Check

Continuous Thermal Monitoring provides operations personnel with a fuller and clearer picture of the operational health of essential electrical assets.

More efficient and streamlined operations - Early Warning for Personnel

Early Warning for Personnel

Operators are able to identify faults in advance of outages, helping to prevent downtime and maintain power to essential assets.

More efficient and streamlined operations - Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Our thermal monitoring sensors combine visual alerts and data to improve safety and provide more stable operational uptime. 

CTM solutions:

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