Predictive Maintenance Solutions

We build Continuous Thermal Monitoring (CTM) and IIOT-driven solutions to help organizations stay productive, safer and more efficient.

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Increase safety

Reduce interactions with compromised assets

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Reduce outages

Minimize the likelihood of electrical failures

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Improve efficiency

Maximize financial return over asset lifetime

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Digitize assets

Access essential data for digital transformation

Help protect critical electrical assets

Build more sustainable and resilient electrical infrastructure by identifying the symptoms of power failures.

25% Vector-1
Increase productivity

Increase asset production output by up to a quarter

30% Vector (1)-1
Enhance efficiency

Substantial reductions to maintenance costs

45% Vector (1)-1
Reduce outages

Greatly reduce the risk of equipment downtime

Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Continuous Thermal Monitoring (CTM) can predict up to 70% more failures in electrical assets than periodic inspection. Thermal sensors help to protect critical electrical infrastructure from expensive failures, reduce costs and unplanned downtime, and increase personnel safety. Add to this the acceleration of IIOT, making condition monitoring sensors essential to the acquisition of data to future-proof your most important asset: power.

A high percentage of existing electrical infrastructure is more than 25 years old
Overheating is a key symptom of a faulty electrical joint or connection
Periodic inspection of critical electrical assets places a significant reliance on luck
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A single power outage can cost more than installing CTM sensor technology
Continuous thermal monitoring provides the data for trend analysis
CTM helps remove personnel from high-risk areas to increase safety

Why choose Exertherm?

Discover the benefits of Continuous Thermal Monitoring (CTM) to improve safety, avoid outages, save costs, and access data.

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24x7 Thermal Monitoring

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Simple Installation

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Increase Team Safety

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Zero Maintenance

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Lifetime Guarantee

CTM solutions:

About Exertherm

Exertherm is an award-winning and trusted provider of Continuous Thermal Monitoring (CTM) technology for electrical infrastructure, successfully installed globally by major OEMs.






End Users




In Habshan-5 there are approximately 1,500 Exertherm infra-red sensors and the Exertherm system is highly effective and has successfully detected high temperature zones on numerous occasions.

Pradeep Kumar Rath

GASCO, Habshan-5

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The Exertherm sensors are working great. There was an incident of a bus plate overheating, due to bolting problems, and the sensors detected it, saving us costly repair & downtime.

Engineering Technology Company


The Exertherm sensors are now part of new build specifications for our cruise ships, being incorporated into the ABB electrical switchgear to reduce the risk of expensive electrical connection failures.

Cruise Line Design Team

Solutions - Retail - 42% of supply chain (1)

The Exertherm thermal monitoring solution is now part of our base electrical switchgear specification for all new-build datacenters globally, thus reducing the risk of outages and future-proofing our new equipment.

Global Tech Giant Electrical Engineering Management

Solutions - Oil & Gas - In over 25 years of data collection
Eaton acquires Exertherm


Eaton acquires Exertherm

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