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Exertherm Wins Mission Critical Top Tier Product Award

MCC Thermal Monitoring Solution 2021 Winner
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Thermal Monitoring for a Changing World

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The World's No.1  24x7 Thermal  Monitoring Solution

MCC ‘in-drawer’ 24x7 Thermal Monitoring

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The World's No.1 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Solution

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Build in intelligence not obsolescence

Build in intelligence not obsolescence

Reasons to install Exertherm®

Find out how condition monitoring for critical electrical infrastructure reduces power outages, improves uptime, and improves cost efficiencies.

What is 24x7 Thermal Monitoring?

Continuous Thermal Monitoring will predict 70% more failures in advance than periodic thermal imaging inspections. Providing protection for your critical electrical infrastructure from expensive failures, saving costly repairs / downtime, while reducing Opex costs and increasing safety.

The acceleration of IIOT means condition monitoring sensors are vital for future proofing your equipment.

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Why Exertherm® Technology?

Exertherm® is the Global No.1 provider of 24x7 Electrical Thermal Monitoring, successfully installed worldwide by all major OEMs. We deliver complete solutions for LV/MV Switchgear, MCC Drawers, Dry Transformers and more.

We’re so proud of our proven reliability we even offer a zero maintenance lifetime guarantee.

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Find out the benefits of the World's No.1 Thermal Condition Monitoring System.

  • Global OEM Approval
  • 24x7 Thermal Protection
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Simple Installation