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Protect your electrical infrastructure with Exertherm 24x7 Switchgear Temperature Monitoring.

Exertherm enables the following critical LV bus and cable terminations to be monitored simultaneously and in real-time:

LV Busbar Joints

  • IR Sensors monitor ACB Main Incomers, line and load side
  • IR Sensors monitor both sides of any bus couplers or tie breakers;
  • IR Sensors monitor ACB Feeders load side
  • IR Sensors monitor shipping/transport splits and other critical connections that are made on-site.

LV Cable Terminations

  • Cable Sensors monitor ACB Main Incomers, line side
  • Cable Sensors monitor ACB Feeders, load side

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  • Global OEM Approval
  • 24x7 Thermal Protection
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Simple Installation